Summer 2016

Laura and Ruben will be married on June 10th! Congrats!

Taylor will be moving back to Boston, MA for clinical internship at Tewsbury. Congrats Taylor!

Joel will be going to the University of Michigan for a 2-year clinical neuropsychology residency where he'll be conducting longitudinal research investigating the interplay among stress, genetics, and the environment. Go Joel!

Rachel will be staying at the University of Washington for her post doc. Wonderful Rachel!

Spring 2016

Congratulations to undergraduates Zidong, Kamyl, Darshi, Jacob, Makayla, Scott, and Matthew on graduating!

A number of lab members will be headed to graduate programs this coming fall: Zidong is headed to Princeton for his Ph.D.; Scott and Matthew are going to University of Minnesota for their Ph.D.s; Darshi will be attending Vanderbilt's School of Nursing; and Makayla will be a medical student at Saint Louis School of Medicine.

Honors student Scott Blain has received the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship, a prestigious national grant to go towards his coming graduate training at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Go Scott!

Congratulations to former honors student and RA Crystal Gibson who welcomed her first baby on March 8th!

Fall 2015

Congratulations to Taylor who successfully proposed her dissertation and achieved ABD status!

Summer 2015

Sadly, we have bid farewell to a few lab members this summer. Rachel and Joel have begun their clinical internships at the University of Washington Medical Center and Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, respectively. Jamie has accepted a research position at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Congratulations to you all!

Congratulations to Taylor who defended her Major Area Paper with flying colors!

Congratulations to Megan and Laura who have successfully defended their Master's theses!

Summer 2014

Big updates! Channing Cochran has 'graduated' from the lab and will begin Baylor University's PsyD in Clinical Psychology graduate program! Congratulations, Channing! Best wishes from the lab!

Next up, Joel and Rachel successfully defended their MAPs and are officially PhD candidates! First year students Laura and Megan also recently breezed through their first year committee meetings. Congrats everyone!

Research analyst Lindsey McIntosh will be making an exciting move to Scotland to pursue her master's degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh! Thanks for all your hard work over the past three years!

Previous undergraduate honors student Jamie Michael will continue on with the Park Lab as the new research analyst for the upcoming year! Welcome back, Jamie!

Spring 2014

We have very exciting news: there is a new mini-Park lab member! Taylor Benson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Melody, on January 21! Taylor also recently got married! Looks like 2014 is off to a great start for Taylor.

Best wishes to her growing family.

Fall 2013

The Park Lab has grown quite a bit this semester, with two new graduate students, Megan Ichinose and Laura Hieber, as well as many new undergraduate researchers! Check out the 'People' page to get to know our new lab members. Welcome everyone!

Spring 2013

It's conference season!

We are looking forward to presenting our most recent projects, and reuniting with lab alums this April at ICOSR '13 in Orlando!

Summer 2012

More exciting news for members of the Park Lab!

Heath Nichols will be stepping down as RA to pursue a Clinical Psychology PhD at Southern Methodist University under the supervision of Amy Pinkham, PhD. Heath will be leaving behind an exciting legacy: two new printers named Heathman and Stanford. We'll sure miss his southern charm, constantly positive outlook, and hard work. Good luck in grad school, Heath! Don't forget about us!

Katy Thakkar recently and successfully (she's a rockstar) defended her doctoral thesis. After finishing internship in July, she'll have an exciting few months ahead: getting married, moving to the Netherlands, and continuing her exciting research at Utrecht University this fall. We're so excited for you, Katy, congratulations and best wishes!

Out with the old (sorry guys) and in with the new! We will also be welcoming two new lab members this summer! Rachel Aaron will be transitioning from the Benning Lab to the Park Lab, as our newest graduate student! Welcome aboard, Rachel! We will also be seeing an old, familiar face this August, when Channning Cochran returns as an RA! Channing's spent the last year globetrotting and working in London- we can't wait hear all about it. Welcome back, Channing!

Spring 2012

Big changes for former Park Lab members!

  • Jutta and Jim had a baby girl!
  • Randy and Greg are engaged!
  • Tara McMichel had her second child, a girl!

Congratulations everyone!!

Fall 2011

The rubber hand paper was published and got lots of press coverage! Links: Vanderbilt, Futurity, and Discover Magazine. RM has tons of fans!

Summer 2011

Jutta has accepted a postdoc position at the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt with Christian Fiebach. We were sad to see her go!

Katy has started her internship at UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, working with Bob Bilder in the Neuropsychology of Exceptional Abilities Track. You're the exceptional one, Katy!